Saturday, July 7, 2012

Interested in losing weight? *GIVEAWAY*

About a month ago, I started a 90 day challenge. I am 30 days in and 6 pounds lighter. AND I am down 3.5 inches from my stomach. Before I started this challenge, I was counting calories and going for a daily walk. I did that for about a month and a half and lost a big fat NOTHING. I was frustrated so I quit doing all of it. A week later I decided to give BODY BY VI a chance. When I started to see results, I decided I was going to promote this awesome product to others. My mom started about 2 weeks after me. She does work out and does 2 shakes a day. She is now down 5 pounds in two weeks.

On top of the dropping the weight- *I FEEL BETTER.* I have more energy. I started waking *UP* before my alarm which has NEVER happened before. EVER. I do realize the cost at first sounds like a lot. But it comes out to about 1.83 a shake. Which is cheaper then Mcdonald's meal, Starbucks, etc. For me, I replaced my morning oatmeal wit a shake. And it I ended also cutting out my morning snack of cheez its. So in the end, I am not spending much on my shakes at all.

*And the big thing that appealed to me- YOU CAN GET YOUR SHAKES FOR FREE (MINUS SHIPPING!) Who can say no to FREE? All you need to do is have three friends join the Challenge with you! Keep one another accountable. Refer three or more kits the same or higher and yours ships free! As long as you have three referrals, yours is free.
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1. One 15 dollar amazon gift card (or 15 dollar Paypal payment-Winner's choice)
2. 2 Body by vi shake samples (So you can see great they taste)
3. 4 of the Neuro energy drink mix. (Refresh your mind, and your body with a portable energydrink mix that’s good for you!)
4. 2 packs of Vi-Trim® Clear Control Drink Mix (Will help curb your hunger.)
**WINNING ENTRY WILL BE VERIFIED. WINNER HAS 48 HOURS TO RESPOND. OPEN TO USA AND CANADA ONLY** Any questions? Interested in more information? Email me or send me a message on facebook.

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